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David A. Orthmann

All About Jazz user David A. Orthmann

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Home: Newfoundland, NJ

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David hears the melody of "Salt Peanuts" in the squawk of wild turkeys walking through his back yard.

A jazz fan since age thirteen, for the last twenty-eight years I've been gainfully employed as a freight broker. After spending a decade writing book reviews as an avocation, I stumbled into jazz journalism during the late 1990s and, to my surprise, found a home. Despite the myriad challenges in trying to do justice to the artists' work, I never get tired of the music; it's always a source of wonder and inspiration. Aside from All About Jazz, I've published in Hot House, Jazziz, and penned liner notes for the Criss Cross, Jazzed Media, 18th and Vine, Weebop Records, and Blues Leaf record labels.

My column, “Rhythm In Every Guise,” focuses on the work of individual jazz drummers. Utilizing examples from a player's discography, I attempt to capture the essence of his or her style.

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