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Christopher Barosky

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a child musician in a candy shop of music

I'm a student-musician currently living in Burlington, VT and attending the University of Vermont as a Music-English double major. I've studied for several years with John Rivers (U-Miami, Arturo Sandoval) and William Tilley (Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia Orchestra) here in Vermont and find each day more questions than answers.

For the most part, I play freelance jazz bass as well as regular gigs in my drummer friend's group, covering a breadth of repertoire from post-bop to modern jazz with modern rock and mainstream influences. I've played a number of different genres with a number of different musicians over the past 4 years that I've been in Burlington, and each experience I've found is as good as you make it - as free as you can make yourself.

I've had the privilege of working and/or learning from musicians such as Ray Vega, Jason Moran, Joshua Redman, Gabe Jarrett, Scott Reeves, in addition to up-and- coming cats in my generation.

music is peace. spread it.

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