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Florence Wetzel

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Home: Westfield, NJ

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Florence is the co-author of Perry Robinson: The Traveler.

I became exposed to jazz in the 1980s through the fortunate experience of living in Hoboken, New Jersey. Clarinetist Perry Robinson was living there at that time, and the town was filled with music and inexpensive apartments. I ended up cowriting Perry's autobiography (The Traveler) in the late 90s, which was a wonderful musical education. Plus reviewing for AAJ has exposed me to so much great music.

I also write reviews for And I have written a few novels (Madeline; Mrs. Papadakis and Aspasia), and a mystery called Dashiki, which is about a journalist finding the lost tapes from the 1957 Monk-Coltrane gig at the Five Spot. In 2012 I published a book of poetry and memoir tales (Elvis in the Morning).

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