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Stockton Helbing

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Home: Dallas, TX

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Stockton Helbing is one of the most diverse drummers in the world. He is not only a drummer, but a composer, arranger, producer, band leader, educator, music director, author, and entrepreneur.

Since 2004, Stockton has fronted his own band, the Stockton Helbing Quintet, with whom he has toured and performed with around the United States. He has released four albums to date: Lodestar, For Nothing is Secret, Battlestations & Escape Plans, and, his most recent, Crazy Aquarius. Each album showcases not only Stockton’s drumming abilities, but his composing, arranging, and producing skills as well.

Stockton maintains a busy schedule of performing, recording, and teaching around North America. He is a frequent guest artist at colleges and high schools largely due to his hefty resume of past performances ranging from jazz trumpet legend Maynard Ferguson to Hip- hop artist Erika Badu to the big band jazz icon Doc Severinsen to jazz pianist David Braid to Broadway diva Jennifer Holiday.

Stockton currently holds several positions which include Artist in Residence at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX, Jazz Artist in Residence at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK, and Music Director at Grace Fellowship Church in Paradise, TX. Stockton also owns and operates Armored Records, an independent record label that focuses on releases by up and coming jazz artists.

Stockton lives in Dallas, TX, with his wife Denise, Jack the dog, and Aquarius the turtle.

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