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Luellen Smiley

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Arts & Lifestyle columnist and short story writer


Luellen Smiley is a creative non-fiction writer and award-winning newspaper columnist who writes a bi-monthly column “Smiley’s Dice” and is a regular contributor to MORE Magazine. Her “Growing Up With Gangsters” stories appeared in the New York Post and in the Del Mar Times. Luellen is currently writing a short story collection based on her life as the daughter of Hollywood gangster, Allen Smiley, and recently completed a feature-length screenplay based on her story. Her extensive research has led to numerous TV and Documentary film interviews regarding the Los Angeles mob scene, and especially Benjamin Siegel, her father’s best friend and business partner.

Previously, Luellen had a successful career in real estate, and founded a Jazz- Funk-Hip-hop dance troupe in San Diego, California.

Luellen resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she owns and manages Gallery LouLou, a Rock & Roll photo gallery.

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