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Paul Naser

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Home: Northridge, CA

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"Everyone is influenced by everybody but you bring it down home the way you feel it." --Thelonious Monk

Paul Naser is a musician and educator based in his native Los Angeles. Playing guitar informally since age 13, he began to seriously study when he began college at age 17. Since then he has had the privilege of studying with such talented musicians as Dr. Joe Jewell, Mike Scott and Dr. Bruce Miller at Fullerton College, and with Gary Pratt, Dr. John Daversa, Matt Harris, Gary Fukushima, John Pisano and Larry Koonse at Cal State University Northridge. A recent graduate from CSUN's jazz studies program, Paul is ready to explore LA's exciting and diverse music scene while exploring other avenues for creative expression, such as teaching and writing.

When not playing, writing or listening to music, Paul enjoys reading anything, particularly non-fiction, and writing in a variety of styles.

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