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Robert Sleadd

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Home: Kalispell, MT

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Robert spent 25 years as a crime scene photography

I got my first camera in the Navy in 1952, and did ordinary snaps and tourist photos. After the Navy I used the GI bill to get an AA in Photography at Santa Monica Jr. College. I worked in a color photo lab, worked for the Santa Monica newspaper. Then in 1959, I moved back to San Francisco, worked at a large color lab, (Technicolor) doing professional color prints for photographers. I also did weddings on the side and in 1961, 1962 had a friend who was a waitress at the Black Hawk Jazz club. She arranged for me to take photos on three occasions, not for any special reason, just for the experience. I have not promoted these images, sold a few, displayed them in a gallery.

In 1964 I joined the San Francisco Police dept. After graduation, and with my photo experience, I was assigned to CSI, and for 25 years did Crime Scene photography, later I started the Departments color lab, as well as photographing crime scenes, I did color enlargements for the Police Inspectors, to aid in their investigation (they are called detectives in other Police agencies) also large court presentation photographs. I joined the Army reserves served (for 22 years) and was in CID, and my duties were forensic lab work and evidence photography. I retired a Chief Warrant 4 and I retired from the Police department as an Inspector.

Now retired in Montana, I still do photography, mostly scenic, animals and still life.

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