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DanMichael Reyes

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Home: New York, NY

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Pianist first, writer second.

DanMichael Reyes is a recent graduate from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Born in the Philippines he has lived in Singapore and Saudi Arabia before finally settling in Los Angeles. At 14, he started taking piano lessons. By 19, he found himself studying with Los Angeles based pianists Markus Burger and Joe Bagg. These lessons proved to be fruitful as he was accepted to New York's New School where he has had the privilege of studying under Francesca Tanksley, Gerard D'Angelo, Jean-Michel Pilc, Rachel Z, Adam Holzman, Ben Allison, Vic Juris, and many others.

When not behind a piano or a keyboard transcribing impossible phrases at impossible tempos, DanMichael enjoys reading, FIFA 14, and sondering about the lives of other commuters while on the L train.

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