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David Arivett

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Home: Bella Vista, AR

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David is a pianist, composer and arranger who celebrates and plays jazz in many flavors

Whether it's Jazz, Latin Jazz, Fusion, Blues, or Gospel, David has written and performed it. He writes music containing melodies that are catchy, contagious, and that truly evoke an emotional response. Songs of hope and healing, feelin' alright songs, funky grooves,or whatever, David's music has a profound emotional effect on listeners.

David has composed music in a wide variety of styles, and he has played, produced and/or performed on many recordings, including jazz, gospel, blues, worship music, and choral music. Piano/Keyboards are David's main instruments. In addition, David conducts Big Bands, Choirs, and vocal ensembles and is a superb vocalist, arranger, and clinician.

David is very passionate about Jazz Education and has located on his website the “Jazz Ed' pages - jammed packed with jazz related instructional material, DVD's, charts, ect. He has just completed a keyboard instruction book, “Jazz Yer Blues” which contains a series of lessons for taking common 12 bar blues progressions and adding jazz voicings/progressions.

David records his music and produces other clients music. He works out of his own studio “Songs Of David”.

Written by--David Arivett © Copyright 2011 Songs Of David

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