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Roberto Sanchez-Picasso

All About Jazz user Roberto Sanchez-Picasso

Home: Mexico City, Mexico

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Mexican Jazz Guitarist.

Roberto Sanchez-Picasso, is one of the young Mexican Jazz Musicians emerging and challenging audiences, his music is influence by Classical, Jazz, and Rock music styles, and of course the music from Mexico, he has been influenced by many Jazz Guitarist, from Barney Kessel, Charlie Cristian, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, Kenny Burrel, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Jesse Van Ruller, Kurt Rosenwinkel and many others. He has two CD's under his name as a leader, “Do Not War” a compilation of 2 recording sessions one in Morelia Mexico (with David Villanueva-Piano, Cristian Sevilla-Bass, Efren Capiz-Drums) and another in Utrecht The Netherlands (with Carlos Fagin-Piano, Nicolas Tryphonos-Contrabass, Maarten Diesveldt- Drums), half of the music on it are original compositions, as well as interpretations of popular Jazz Standars, in the Autumn 2012 he's releasing his Trio Debut Album “El Norte”, recorded in Belgium (with Mihail Ivanov-Contrabass and Srdjan Ivanovic-Drums) at Max Bolleman studio.

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