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Sammy Morales

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Home: san juan,00918, Puerto Rico

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Bass player, Musician, Educator and Composer.

Sammy Morales Born in the Bronx on August 22, 1959. Currently, he works as the Music Director of Compañia Teatro Repertorio de la UPR' and the Taller de Música Popular at the University of Puerto Rico, and as electric bass teacher. He is also an ensemble professor and bass instructor at the InterAmerican University in San Juan.

In Puerto Rico he worked as a bass player with Wilkins, Danny Rivera, Lourdes Robles, Glenn Monroig, Luis Ángel, Proyecto M, René Farrait, Los Andinos, H20, Willie Colón, and others.

In the jazz scene, he has played with Proyecto Evif, Ángel David Mattos, Frankie Suárez, Brenda Hopkins, Edgar Abraham, Jorge Laboy, David Sánchez (Heineken Jazz Jam, 1995), Perico Ortiz (Heineken Jazz Jam, 1995), Danilo Pérez (Heineken Jazz Jam, 1995), Amuni Nacer and many others.

His latest project is SM Quinteto. Music influenced by jazz and Southamerican sounds. Excellent musicians like Gabriel Vicéns, Eduardo Zayasi, Ricky Martínez and Mario Pereira among others play in this band.

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