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James Nadal

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Home: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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...for the people who created the music, and those who listen.

It has been pleasure and honor to be associated with All About Jazz as Musician Profile Editor, Video of the Day Editor and Record Reviewer. They have allowed me the opportunity to utilize my knowledge acquired through a lifetime of listening to and reading about music and musicians.

Behind every vocal rendition, instrumental solo, and every song, there is a person. These performers all have a life, they all came from somewhere, and many died trying. Personal artistic endeavors created this music we call jazz. By acknowledging their presence and contribution we can further the cause, and recognize individual efforts. It's an honor and privilege to participate. Lets motivate people to seek out and listen to the music. Thanks for tuning in.

In memory of Puerto Rican pianist Hilton Ruiz. (May 29, 1952 - June 6, 2006)

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