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Svend Withfelt

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Home: Hvalsø, Denmark

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Photographer Svend Withfelt fascination with photography began when he every summer as a child, was on vacation with his parents at a photographer in a small town in Denmark. Here he was allowed to join the photographer's darkroom. To see a piece of photo paper slowly turn into a picture was a fascinating experience - pure magic.

He began photographing music first classical music especially classical guitar for Guitar International Magazine in England. The last 10 years have almost always been jazz when he photographed music. Before he started his own business, he worked for 8 years as an assistant photographer in a photo studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Today he is represented by the following photo agencies: Polfoto, Denmark, and International by ALAMY Images, England. In addition to photographing music, he works as a photographer also with promotional images for artists and stock photos. The last few years he has also worked as a documentary photographer especially in Romania, where he has lived for a period of his life.

Today he lives in a small town 37 miles outside Copenhagen, Denmark

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