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Associação Porta-Jazz

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Home: Porto, Portugal

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Porta-Jazz is a musicians' association which intends to streamline the original creation and disclosure of Oporto based jazz musician's work.

Porta-Jazz is an association of jazz musicians based in Oporto, Portugal, created in 2010, that aims to stimulate the creation and regular presentation of original jazz projects and to establish an efficient link between the artists, the usual audiences, the new audiences and all the entities involved in the musical circuit.

To enhance that, we have our own independent imprint – Carimbo Porta-Jazz - which has already 7 records. You can go through the whole catalogue at

We are now a convergence center of different entities and musicians, creating partnerships and promoting a regular schedule of jazz in the city.

We will always have as main objective to stimulate the development of original and creative projects to ensure an ever-increasing quality of artistic activities in this area.

Therefore we hope to get an approximation of Jazz and its musicians to the public.

Please check our web site!

See you at the concerts!

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