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Pasquale J Pratico

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Home: Trenton, NJ

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Recording his first CD under his own name, jazz guitarist Pat Pratico, working in the Trenton, N.J. area since the mid-1970's, wanted to document some of the music he has had inside him for years. CD's are available through The Orchard or Amazon. “Pat Pratico is a name most of JJG's readers will not be familiar with. He's a fine 6/7 string player based in N.J., who just released his first CD...He arranged most of the tunes... This is a fine introduction to a solid, classy player.” Reviewed by Ed Bensen (Just Jazz Guitar) “...I'm sure you know my passion for finding terrifically talented unknown jazz musicians. The playing and arrangements on this CD are superb. Pratico did many of the arrangements himself... I'ts a keeper, as they say.” Mark Schulman, Member Advisory Board New School Jazz Prog. “...It is rare to find an Octet on CD these days led by a guitarist, and not only does Pat play some fine solos but has arranged most of the Album as well. Playing 6 & 7 string guitars his tasteful playing reflects Joe Pass & Wes M...” Reviewed by Ian Macgregor(Jazz Guitar Soc. W. Australia) I have been working with John Ashcraft's Midnight Sun Orchestra for many years. I also perform with vocalist/pianist Carole Lynne. I am also an arranger. I have a 9 piece group playing Sinatra vocal charts I adapted from recordings.

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