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Anders Chan-Tidemann

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President of Word of Mouth Music, Inc (Wommusic) - jazz management, agency and record label.

Word Of Mouth Music was started by Anders Chan-Tidemann in April 1990 in Denmark as an agency primarily handling Jazz artists and associated genres. Early clients included Joe Henderson, Joe Zawinul, Mike Stern, Chick Corea, Kenny Garrett, Joe Lovano and many others. In 1995 we first moved into management, early mgmt. clients included Al Foster, Groove Collective, Niels Lan Doky. In 2000 Word Of Mouth Music, Inc became a US entity based out of New York City, and is now run by Anders Chan-Tideman & Stephanie Chan- Tidemann.

While we do function as an agency booking our clients all over the world, our true aim and vision is as a management company developing artists careers. Booking tours is merely one of the tools to do so, and we rarely accept just acting as booking agents for potential clients.

We have now expanded into the label business, forming our own record label entitled Wommusic. Our vision for the label is to be able to support our clients and their careers 360 degrees by being able to release their music (when it makes sense for them to do so) in addition to setting up the tours to promote the albums etc. So far we have 2 releases on the label, both by Kurt Rosenwinkel, entitled “The Remedy - Live At The Village Vanguard” and “Standards Trio: Reflections”.

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