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Edu Leal

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Home: São Paulo, Brazil

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Towards the Composition.

A guitarist,composer and arranger,Brazilian Edu Leal presents his first album “Vida Nova”(”New Life”).He invited the great Brazilian musician Arismar do Espirito Santo to be the Musical Director,and other notorious Brazilian singers like Leila Pinheiro, Filó Machado and Zé Renato to participate.

Edu Leal’s creative process is mostly based on the preliminary development of a sophisticated harmonic basis, where the notes of the melody ,almost always with a melancholic trend ,can be developed. The use of Brazilian patterns doesn't create a clear impression of typical Brazilian music because the influences of the composer don't appear only in his roots ,but also in contemporary music around the world. That's why the melody's presentation is so long and elaborate, not popular, almost lyric. ”My music aims to propose an introspective experience” ,he explains.

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