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Tanya Balakyrska

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Home: Russian Federation

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A Ukrainian singer-songwriter living in Russia, writing music about life and love, as well as writing articles about music.

Tanya Balakyrska: a vocalist and composer, originated from Ukraine and residing in Russia. Tanya is a known Russian and Ukrainian music journalist as well. Her music style is quite difficult to distinguish: indie, minimalism, some bits of jazz, pop, lounge and sympho-fusion are mixed in it, depending on a particular lineup chosen. Tanya writes music and lyrics, sometimes co-working with a Canadian poet Sienna Dahlen and using poems by E.E.Cummings.

Tanya performs at numerous international jazz and contemporary music festivals, prestigious venues of Russia and Ukraine.

Her debut CD was highly acclaimed even before its official release. Russia’s one of the most influential magazines, «Stereo&Video», chose «Lviv Sessions» as a featuring CD for the September 2011 issue, with a large and complimentary accompanying article. In such a way, the debut Tanya Balakyrska’s album has been released in 123.000 copies nationwide. It has also become subject to extended author’s radio programs broadcast interna- tionally (Estonian Raadio 4, Armenian Radio Van, Russian and Ukrainian radio stations etc.).

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