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Thomas Carroll

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Northwestern student studying magazine journalism and music.

I love reading, writing and listening to music and I’m trying my best to synthesize these things in a way that helps me experience even more fulfillment in life. I try to keep my ears open to all kinds of music and try to find the high points in the stuff I don’t like because all musicians have a message, but everyone can’t appreciate the way each individual message is conveyed.

I have been involved in journalism in some capacity or another for as long as my academic career has counted for anything (since high school) and I have been a percussionist for just a bit longer. I played in rock bands in high school until some of my friends introduced me to jazz my junior year and since then I have been working to expand my musical involvement with reckless abandon. This earnest expansion has included big bands, combos, funk groups, free-improv duets, concert music, and more. In college I am doing my best to improve my writing while still setting aside time to play music and work out.

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