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Eldad Tarmu

Home: United States

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Vibraphonist, composer and educator in jazz, world and classical music

Los Angeles born vibraphonist and composer Eldad Tarmu is currently activating in the NY area after four years of teaching Jazz Studies at Tibiscus University in Timisoara, Romania. He holds a Masters degree in Afro-Latin Music from California State University Los Angeles and has recorded and performed with some of the most significant figures in their musical genres, including Poncho Sanchez, Ernie Watts, Taj Mahal, Cybill Shepherd, Freddie Hubbard, Billie Higgins, Frank Morgan and Ron Affif. He has also performed and held clinics and workshops in over twenty-five countries around the world in various festivals and concert tours. He has released seven CDs under his own name: Aluminum Forest, Get Up Close, Transatlantic Cool Down, Visits, Exotic Tales, Farewell St. George and Songs for the Queen of Bohemia. Get Up Close was number 20 on the US Jazz radio charts for four straight weeks. His latest CD, Songs for the Queen Of Bohemia, features the Tabac String Quartet from Banatul Philharmonic Orchestra of Timisoara and Israeli drummer Yoni Halevy. This project crosses jazz and Middle Eastern music with chamber music and has developed into a symphonic jazz project that made its debut on the stage of the Philharmonic in Timisoara on January 31, 2009.

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