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Cynthia "c." Basinet

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Home: Los Angeles, CA

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”Cynthia Basinet is a phenomenon; a mesmerizing woman with an infinity of talents, visions and intriguing entrepreneurial activities. Unquestionably, Cynthia's voice is one of the most striking and sparkling voices in the world of American Standards. It is an oasis of luxurious vocal beauty, magnetizing sensuality and warmth. This singer is the real thing!” -ENTERTAINMENT: DIVAS, CABARET, JAZZ THEN AND NOW (book)

“For Cynthia Basinet, her voice itself is an instrument; in terms of emotional power, it's a lethal weapon. Sensual, emotionally damaged and world-weary, Basinet's vocals have the makings of a film noir femme fatale.” -

#1 hit, “Santa Baby” (and no, it's not Marilyn Monroe, who never recorded it.)

“Santa Baby” in the soundtrack of “Party Monster” starring Macaulay Culkin

Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize (shared) - 2005

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