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Eric John Eigner

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Home: United States

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Eric Eigner is a drummer who does not need to rely upon the use of sticks and drums to get his point across, though he certainly loves to incorporate them into the fold of what he does.

Eric John Eigner plays Drumset - Extended and Traditional, Tabletop Percussion, Soprano and Bass Clarinet. Eigner has released three CD's from his Mysterium Project on Eavesdrop Records, a label he set up as a platform for contemporary work. Eigner works in a number of diverse Soundpainting projects and has performed with the Walter Thompson Orchestra, the New York Soundpainting Orchestra and ZAHA. Eigner is also a member of the international Soundpainting community. He currently is involved in a duo project with composer/guitarist Bruce Holmberg, the John Nickels Band and the Michael Wagner Quartet. Eigner has worked with Butch Morris, Reuben Radding, Kenny Wollesen's Himalayas, the CAVEnsemble, Shinichi MOMO Koga, Mark Stewart, Sabir Mateen, Steve Swell, Daniel Carter, Nate Wooley, Matt Lavelle, Greg Tate's Burnt Sugar and poet Steve Dalachinsky. Eigner has played in a number of other bands, from Steve Albini produced Pillow Theory, the eclectic Balkan thrash band The Trophy Wives, to Earthdriver, a band made up of a wide variety of international talent who join forces to create a unified musical and social statement. In addition to music, Eigner is also a working Painter and Photographer that exhibits in New York.

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