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All About Jazz user JAN KOPINSKI

Home: Nottingham, United Kingdom

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UK tenor saxist and composer, fronting cross-genre music,ranging from Free-funk to contemporary European jazz.

• A composer and saxophonist for over thirty years, Jan specializes in improvisational music drawing on jazz and influences from Eastern Europe and contemporary music. For 25 years he has led a successful contemporary jazz group, PINSKI ZOO, regularly touring the UK, Europe, New York and Poland, playing at major jazz festivals, concerts and jazz clubs to critical acclaim. He travels regularly to Poland, for both research and touring projects –including international trio, ZONE K. With REFLEKTOR he composes and performs to silent films (EARTH, Berlin, Nosferatu, etc) and to projected visuals, most recently with MIRRORS, a dream journey with Polish imagery, commissioned by Opera North. He has recorded several radio and TV broadcasts, 13 albums on various record labels, including live recordings from concerts in Poland, Austria, New York and UK.

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