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Jacques Lesure

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Home: Inglewood, CA

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Jacques Lesure Musical Services offers musical entertainment, enrichment and education through, live Jazz performances, individual and group lessons, lectures, and music clinics. A resident of Los Angeles, CA, Mr. Lesure is eager to give back to the community and expose today's youth to the rich history of Jazz while keeping the adults groving to his amazing sound.

He teaches and presents all over the United States striving to create and nurture a love and appreciation for the tradition of Jazz and Blues as original, American art forms, emphasizing how their sound is the root and foundation of music today.

Though originally from Detroit, Mr. Lesure is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and has performed with many of Jazz's greatest artists; Oscar Brown Jr., George Benson, Freddy Cole, Jimmy Smith,Stanley Turrentine,Mark Murphy,Oliver Lake,Chico Freeman, Javon Jackson, Les Mcann,Linda Hopkins,Jon Hendricks, Eric Reed, Wessel Anderson, Wynton Marsalis, George Bohannon, and many others. He has collaborated in the creation of and performed in a variety of stage plays, movie scores and special projects made for television. He continues to perform at clubs, benefits, various celebrations and Jazz festivals and events locally and around the world.

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