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Alex Marianyi

All About Jazz user Alex Marianyi

Home: Chicago, IL

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Alex Marianyi is a working Chicago jazz musician and is starting a record label with his close musician friend.

I was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin where I received my first exposure to music through playing saxophone in various ensembles in the public schools there. By the time I was sixteen, I had decided to devote my life to music, specifically jazz. At the time, I was definitely not aware of the hard work that I would have to do nor the adventure that was about to unfold before me.

I chose Columbia College Chicago for my undergraduate studies because of its location in the heart of downtown Chicago and because of the sheer size of its thriving arts community. Studying jazz full-time at a huge arts school caused my musicianship and philosophy on music and life to undergo many changes, but most importantly, it helped me realize that I will probably never stop undergoing those changes.

Now, my next challenge is attempting to right some of the wrongs of the music industry (and earn a few bucks along the way) by starting a record label with my closest friend and favorite musician. In addition to this, I still gig often out and around Chicago in a variety of different settings and continue to write music for film, dance, and theater.

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