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Ben Tyree

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Home: Brooklyn, NY

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Sonic Architect

A product of the diverse Washington, DC music scene, guitarist Ben Tyree is a performer and composer of virtuosic ability, infectious groove, and eclectic tastes. Whether navigating the off-kilter angles of his abstract jazz-funk trio BT3 or rising to the formidable technical and personal challenges of the classically-influenced acoustic solo pieces on his recent release, Thoughtform Variations, he consistently proves himself to be an artist with a distinct and memorable voice.

Tyree studied at D.C’s prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts and at Howard University, co-founding the pioneering jazz/hip-hop/rock fusion band Miscellaneous Flux before relocating to Brooklyn in 2002. Since then he’s worked with artists as varied as Vernon Reid, Kyp Malone (TV On The Radio), The Family Stand, and Elliott Sharp’s SyndaKit, among others. He performs regularly with Stephanie Rooker & the Search Engine, Soul Understated, Aqua Ife, and Burnt Sugar: The Arkestra Chamber to name a few.

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