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Jamie Slater

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Jazz guitarist, composer and educator, Jamie Slater has been a fixture in the Charleston Jazz scene for over 20 years. Jamie holds a degree in music theory and composition with a concentration in Jazz guitar performance from the College of Charleston where Jamie studied with internationally recognized composers such as Trevor Weston, Edward Hart, and ASCAP Award winning composer David Maves. Jamie has been a private instructor since 1988 and for the past 9 years has taught Jazz, Rock, Blues and Classical guitar at Music Unlimited in Mt. Pleasant, SC. He has had the pleasure of performing countless musical engagements (including the Spoleto Festival) with such great South Carolina musicians as Tommy Gill, Quintin Baxter and Charlton Singleton. The Jamie Slater Trio with trumpeter Kevin Hackler and Percussionist Asa Holgate performs at High Cotton Maverick Bar and Grill each Tuesday and Friday.   

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