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Dan DeChellis

All About Jazz user Dan DeChellis

Home: Easton, PA

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Born on classic rock, schooled in classical music, matured on jazz, aged with ambient music, Dan DeChellis is a fan and creator of all musical styles. He sites influences as wide as Chick Corea, Brian Eno, Bill Evans, Sting, George Winston, Charles Ives, Hindemith and Bach. He has released 8 critically acclaimed cd’s on his own record label, Sachimay Records and has been the recipient of two Meet the Composer Grants. His music has been heard on the radio throughout Europe and his live performances include numerous appearances at the Knitting Factory, Tonic, Scullers (Boston), Chris’s Jazz Café, The Improvised & Otherwise Festival (NY) and The Autumn Uprising (Boston). He is currently teaching Piano and Improvisation at Moravian College in Pennsylvania. His current trio is focused on original compositions.

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