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Dragan Tasic

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Home: Luzern, Switzerland

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Tasic Dragan was born in 1962. After graduating a Musical College early 80s, he started his career as a professional Blues and Jazz musician for the next 10 years. At the end of 80s he became more interested in photography. In the middle of 90s, after graduating College for Photography and Motion Picture (Film) in Zürich/Switzerland, photography developed into his professional vocation. Currently he lives and works in Switzerland as a concert photographer and independent artist.

“Looking for the feeling” is the core idea of my concert photography. The photos do not only represent the musicians themselves, but their music as much as their personal feelings. I called the story: “Blue Cry”. The name itself, “Blue Cry”, is inherent to the expressions of the faces and body movements of the musicians, representing their enjoyment and sadness, strength and weakness, love and anger - scream of life, that has become the crucial insight of my photos.

As a former professional musician, I recognize the most intimate essence of the soul of the artist. In a meditative state of inner silence and emptiness I am taking that hypnotizing content to my inner self, letting it shake me deeply and be reborn through my photographs.

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