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David Martin

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Home: Minneapolis, MN

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Guitartist/Bassist living in Minneapolis,MN

David Martin was born in Toledo, OH and grew up in Charleston, WV. He graduated from Capital University's Conservatory of Music in Columbus, OH. He is a composer, arranger, teacher, and performer. He played in the Columbus area for several years then moved to Minneapolis, MN and lived there 13 years. He had his own jazz trio and also played in Puro Cubano, Beira Mar Brasil, Proyecto La Plena, Latin Sounds Orchestra, Salsa Del Sol and Blue Plate Special. He and Brazilian musician Robert Everest teamed up for the cd “Trio Daviola”. He was also a participant on on the cd “Smokin' Cuban Jazz” sold nationwide at Target stores. He moved to Portland, OR in 2008 where he and Mike Doolin teamed up for the cd “Reflection” and has been back in Minneapolis since Sept. 2010. The new Martin/Doolin CD 'Tough Commute' will be out Spring/Summer 2014.

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