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Tamara Obrovac

All About Jazz user Tamara Obrovac

Home: Svetvinčenat, Croatia

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Tamara Obrovac, composer, singer, lyricist, bandleader; Tamara Obrovac quartet / Tamara Obrovac Transhistria ensemble - contemporary Mediterranean jazz, composes theater & film music

Tamara Obrovac, “the Sorceress from Istria”:

Tamara Obrovac is one of those musicians to whom jazz is a path to understanding music as a whole. Furthermore, it has led her to an intensive investigation of her own regional music awareness, so she offers us a new musical journey through the Istrian and Mediterranean spaces and times. Her homeland Istria, a beautiful Croatian region and a North Adriatic peninsula, is particular for its musical and dialectal tradition which is the creative force of Tamara's works… Her utterly original and autochthonous music goes beyond time and geographical boundaries, thus becoming a universal artistic message which establishes Tamara Obrovac as an exceptional artist who has created her own unique musical expression.

Tamara's unique music, played by the excellent musicians from her international Transhistria ensemble, is a genuine musical mohair which skillfully and naturally incorporates the elements of jazz, Istrian and Mediterranean folk music, and many elements of modern music, while Tamara's voice is equally impressive when she sings lyrics and when she performs vocalizes, thus turning itself into an additional instrument.

In addition to her international concert activities, she composes music for theater and film, and she has received many awards for her work. International recognition came also through the nomination for the BBC Radio 3 World music Awards 2004 (European Music and Audience Award).

She published 7 author CDs: Triade, 1996; Ulika, 1998; Transhistria, 2001; Sve pasiva/Everything fades away, 2003; Daleko je/Is faraway, 2005; Neću više jazz kantati/I won’t sing jazz any more, 2009, featuring her new band “Transhistria electric” with a fresh fusion of Istrian ethno and funky and soul music; and the latest Madirosa, 2011, in collaboration with the Epoque string quartet, from Czech Republic.

In 2013 she recorded 2 new CD-s in ArteSuono studio Udine (IT): “Ulika revival” with here quartet that had succesful showcase on Jazz-ahead Bremen 2013, and “Canto amoroso” with Transhistria ensemble.

Currently looking for international label and concert management.

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