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Lover of jazz, technology and sitting in a chair, Mick merged his three passions to create All About Jazz.

A web entrepreneur with a background in information technologies, Michael Ricci combined his vocation with his love of jazz music and launched All About Jazz in 1995--a website that reaches over 500,000 readers worldwide. Since then he has established a much deeper understanding of the industry and has continually developed web-based promotional solutions for jazz professionals, while delivering content to jazz enthusiasts daily.

Michael spun off Jazz Near You in October 2012, a network of nearly 250 websites focused on aggregating local jazz events and distributing them through the web, email, phone, widgets and feeds, resulting in greater local community support of the music.

He lives just outside of Philadelphia, and knows 59,029 jazz musicians by name.

All About Jazz is a 10-time winner of the Jazz Journalists Association's “Best Web Site Covering Jazz” award. It has also been recognized as the top jazz web site by Google, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Time Magazine, and Forbes Magazine.

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