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“Dang Hyang Story” by Dewa Budjana

From the album DEWA BUDJANA "Joged Kahyangan" (MoonJune Records, 2013) DEWA BUDJANA: guitars; LARRY GOLDINGS: Hammond organ, acoustic piano; BOB MITZER: soprano & tenor sax, bass clarinet; JIMMY JOHNSON: bass guitar; PETER ERSKINE: drums; with Special Guest: JANIS SIEGEL: vocals (Track 4). Boasting a stellar lineup of modern jazz icons Larry Goldings, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Johnson and Peter Erskine (and featuring guest vocalist, the fabulous Janis Siegel), Indonesian guitar maestro Dewa Budjana's sixth solo album -- his second for MoonJune Records -- is a progressive jazz master-class session of huge proportions. Overflowing with moments of elegance, grace, depth and invention, Joged Kahyangan is Dewa's musical interpretation of the beauty of heaven. Featuring eight exquisitely-crafted, -arranged and -executed gems, Budjana and friends have raised the bar for the genre; each song is performed with a profound sensitivity and diction unquestionably worthy of the project's lofty ambitions.

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