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“Compromesso” by Antonella Delli Santi

“Compromesso” (which follows the first EP by Antonella, “Attraversandomi”) is a 12 track album where is the jazz flying all over the songs: «My studies at Percentomusica increased my love for jazz, but I’m not a jazz musician: hence the idea of rearrange Patty Pravo’s “Pensiero stupendo” in a jazz key. I needed to feel free, to escape, to put myself to the test with something that, up to the first of my studies, was not part of my background. At the same time I felt that pop music was not enough (had a flavor that just somehow not enough) for me anymore ». From these inputs has born “Compromesso”, arranged and recorded by Alessandro Galdieri e Romolo D’Amaro (formerly Tristema): «To develop the idea I asked for help from Alessandro Galdieri, with whom I had already worked to my first EP, “Attraversandomi”, published a year earlier. Alessando, along with Romolo D'Amaro, took care of the arrangements: we liked the result. I chose the songs thinking about them as jazz standards: in this case the standards were the classic Italian pop. In short, a ... "Compromise" between pop and jazz, if I may say so».

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