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“Unfolding Routes EPK” by Gianni Bardaro

"Unfolding Routes" is the new album by Italian saxophonist and composer Gianni Bardaro, in collaboration with drummer and co-leader Pierluigi Villani. The album showcase original compositions by both leaders exploring the difficult TRIO constellation and ranging influences from post-bop, avant garde, contemporary jazz, as well as South American rhythms. UNFOLDING ROUTES was recorded in Copenhagen, featuring musicians of different nationality such as Andreas Hatholt from Denmark on bass/contrabbas and Yohan Ramon from Cuba, on percussions. "Even though it's another lesson in concision, we can't help but anticipate more great music, from Gianni Bardaro and Pierluigi Villani -- individually and especially together. In the meantime, enjoy your pudding while it lasts, knowing though there's surely more from where this came!" - By Laurence Donohue-Greene, Managing Editor. The New York City Jazz Record CD AVAILABLE NOW ON: FREE SHIPPING! Pierluigi Villani Endorsements: Bosphorus Cymbals Taye Drums Wincent sticks Suzuki Music Gianni Bardaro - sax Pierluigi villani - drums Andreas hatholt - bass Yohan Ramon - percussions

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