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“Mannenberg” by Jason Reolon & The Mannenberg All Stars

Jason Reolon, alongside DJ Fletcher Beadon, was commissioned to produce and arrange a version of the well known Abdullah Ibrahim composition, Mannenbergs, for a 7-piece band, The Mannenberg All Stars, to be performed as part of the prestigious Loerie Awards for advertising, held at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town on the 25th September, 2009. Together with DJ Fletcher Beadon and the Mannenberg All Stars band, he masterminded a musical journey of this famous South African Jazz Standard, taking it from the traditional acoustic approach and morphing it into a more modern electronic idiom. Mannenberg All Stars consists of: Jason Reolon: piano, Nord keyboard, arranger, producer, Musical Director; Fletcher Beadon: DJ, Decks, producer, studio engineer; Wesley Rustin: double-bass; Tony Paco: percussion; Frank Paco: drums; Dan Shout: saxophone; Mandla Mlangeni: trumpet.

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