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“Estate ” by The West Point Band's Jazz Knights

The West Point Band's Jazz Knights with special guest conductor Michael Abene perform 'Estate' (pronounced Eh-stah-tay) by Bruno Martino as arranged by Michael Abene at Trophy Point Amphitheater, West Point, New York on 12 July 2009. Featured soloist is Staff Sergeant Mike Reifenberg on Soprano Saxophone. The Jazz Knights are: Chief Warrant Officer Matthew Morse: Director Staff Sergeant John Castleman: Lead Trumpet/Flugelhorn Staff Sergeant Vito Speranza: Trumpet/Flugelhorn Sergeant First Class Rich Johnson: Trumpet/Flugelhorn Staff Sergeant Josh Economy: Trumpet/Flugelhorn Staff Sergeant Mike Reifenberg: Lead Alto Sax/Soprano Sax/Flute/Clarinet Staff Sergeant Derrick James: Alto Sax/Clarinet Staff Sergeant David Loy Song: Tenor Sax/Clarinet Sergeant First Class Jay Malone: Tenor Sax/Clarinet Master Sergeant Gary McCourry: Bari Sax/Bass Clarinet Staff Sergeant Dan Pierce: Lead Trombone Staff Sergeant Eric Ordway: Trombone Master Sergeant Ron Fleischman: Trombone/Group Leader Master Sergeant Teddy Arnold: Bass Trombone Sergeant First Class Scott Arcangel: Piano/Assistant Director Staff Sergeant Mark Tonelli: Guitar Staff Sergeant Brandon Nelson: Bass Staff Sergeant Scott Drewes: Drums Staff Sergeant Joe Skinner: Audio

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