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“Caravan” by Jonathan Russell

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Jonathan Russell is joined by NY Swing made up of Bucky Pizzarelli, John Bunch and Phil Flanigan from a concert at Centenary College. Bucky Pizzarelli Bucky Pizzarelli was considered the only guitarist next to George Van Eps, to play the seven-string electric guitar exclusively. Bucky is a dedicated preservationist of the old guitar music and the early styles of playing. Recordings like Love Songs and NY Swing present a picture of the complete jazz musician and guitarist who moves effortlessly from the daunting format of the solo guitar to playing solid, swinging rhythm and single string solos in an ensemble setting. John Bunch A Legendary Piano player - currently co-leads New York Swing. He' played in the bands of Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson and Benny Goodman. George T. Simon called him "the Fred Astaire of the piano". Phil Flanigan Phil Flanigan is highly respected both as a soloist and as an ensemble player. Bob Wilber has called him the "most melodic bass soloist in jazz."

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