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“Gemini Soul - "Radical" Music Video” by Gemini Soul

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"Radical," the first single taken from Gemini Soul's 4th jazz/funk fusion album "The Nefertiti Xperience," now available at Amazon, CDBaby and iTunes. Gemini Soul continues to redefine the genre of jazz with their new album, "The Nefertiti Xperience." Gemini Soul describes their new album as "70s funk mixed with a little jazz and a whole lot of fusion." Comprised of Andre Ajamu Akinyele (bass and programming), Jon O'Bergh (keyboards and programming), Andrew Foster (percussion), and Alex Marks (drums), Gemini Soul originates from the San Francisco Bay Area and is known for its eclectic blend of jazz/funk fusion with an electronic element known as "Cyber Jazz." 2008 Pearl Jazz Recording Label. Gemini Soul is a Registered Trademark. FBI Warning: Unauthorized Duplication or Misuse of this content is punishable by federal laws.

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  • Radical
  • Gemini Soul
  • The Nefertiti Xperience
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