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“River” by Fidel Cuellar

"River" by Fidel Cuellar

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Audiograph (Self Produced) by Fidel Cuellar

Editor's Comments
Gorgeous. Five parts of the same current. A river for all seasons.

Featuring a great jazz quintet, "River" plays with dynamics and textures to reflect on the natural contrasts between the apparent minimalistic stillness of a river’s waters and the intensity of life and currents under its surface.

Audiograph, the first album of drummer Luiz Ebert and pianist Fidel Cuellar, is a venture to musically capture contrasting portraits of life and people in New York City: a busy street in Harlem on a hot summer night, the quiet contemplation of the Hudson river during winter, the fantasy and tension of a twirling ballerina, the chaotic roar of highway traffic. Playing with textures, layers, form and improvisation, yet rich in melodies, more than a jazz album, Audiograph is a call to see through our ears.


Livio Almeida: saxophones; Will Caviness: trumpet; Ian Stapp: bass; Luiz Ebert: drums, percussion, compositions; Fidel Cuéllar: piano, compositions, arrangements.

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