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“Primary Colours” by Nheap

"Primary Colours" by Nheap

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Flying and the Silence (Acustronica) by Nheap

Editor's Comments
Curious, nice assembly of electronic and organic.

Two years after 2011's "Clouds under the table ", highly appreciated by press and the public, "Flying and the silence" is the new, awaited chapter in Nheap's musical research. The fusion of modern sounds, such as ambient electronica and post-rock atmospheres, with suggestions of a more traditional kind, including jazz and funk, along with a deeper integration between synthetic and acoustic sounds, contributes to make this new album an extremely warm and organic work, where experimentation coexists with melodic and thematic research. Different atmospheres and moods always alternate in the course of the 10 tracks that make up the disc, all of which are tied by a distinctive and personal sound developed by Nheap over the years; that same sound which in this work is enhanced by a more pronounced presence of “traditional” instruments, side by side with modern electronic processing.

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