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“Airplane Mode” by Christoph Irniger Trio

"Airplane Mode" by Christoph Irniger Trio

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Gowanus Canal (Intakt Records) by Christoph Irniger Trio

Editor's Comments
Tone for those who have loot.

Airplane Mode is the second track of the new album (released in summer 2013) of the "Christoph Irniger Trio" (CH/US) featuring: Christoph Irniger: tenor sax & bass clarinet; Raffaele Bossard: bass; Ziv Ravltz: drums.

“The pieces on this album, compositions by the bandleader and saxophonist Christoph Irniger and the bassist Raffaele Bossard, celebrate melody without once degenerating into the trivial. They are tone poems which demonstrate that accessible melodies and complex tonal worlds need not be mutually exclusive and can in fact make sense of each other. This is achieved because the rhythm section push the sonorous potential of their instruments way further than most classical trios. Using tones of every shade and colour, the drums and bass succeed in expanding the three-piece ensemble into a veritable orchestra. It’s the tone which makes this music, and the virtue of restraint which gives it its power.” (Peter Haffner)

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