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“Yasmin” by Kokko Quartet

"Yasmin" by Kokko Quartet

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Like a River (Self Produced) by Kokko Quartet

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A delicious mix of mythical soundscapes. Inspirational and beguiling.

Kokko Quartet presents an exciting blend of jazz and world music influences. Carrying Nordic qualities at heart, the group draws influences from Indian and Arabic music as well as Cuban rhythms, thus creating a distinctive overall sound. Led by pianist Johanna Pitkänen, this Helsinki-based quartet features Kaisa Siirala: saxophones, bansuri flute; Timo Tuppurainen: bass; Risto Takala: drums. Intuitively, these four musicians move through the music with a spirit of great freedom in their interplay. The quartet’s debut album Like a River was released in March 2013. The song “Yasmin,” written by Pitkänen, owes its title to the so-called Yasmin revolution. The song has dramatic mood changes and leaves a lot of space for the soloist. Saxophone player Siirala skillfully seizes this opportunity in her solo which leans towards free improvisation.The daff and darbouka played by guest percussionist Ricardo Padilla as well as the celesta played by Pitkänen give the piece an oriental feel. Personnel on “Yasmin:” Kaisa Siirala, alto saxophone Johanna Pitkänen: piano, celesta; Timo Tuppurainen: bass; Risto Takala: drums; Ricardo Padilla: percussion

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