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“The Lift” by Chris Ameniya /Jazz Coalescenc​e

"The Lift" by Chris Ameniya /Jazz Coalescencâe

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In The Rain Shadow (Origin Records) by Chris Ameniya /Jazz Coalescenc​e

Editor's Comments
Nice warm intro opens out for laid back brass with some cute kicks and flourishes. Panache.

Starting out six years ago exploring the classic hard-bop jazz sextet repertoire, trombonist Amemiya's group evolved to one with a unified, distinctive, dynamic voice. All firmly rooted in Seattle's rich mainstream jazz scene, trumpeter Jay Thomas, saxophonist Travis Ranney, pianist John Hansen, bassist Jon Hamar and drummer Steve Korn bring a performing and compositional aesthetic that reflects their musical environs, adding to a cohesive group sound. Recorded in concert, "In the Rain Shadow" captures the dynamics, intimacy, and impromptu character that can only be found from a live performance.

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