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“One More Time Around” by Alan Jones & Francois Theberge

"One More Time Around" by Alan Jones & Francois Theberge

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Another View (Origin Records) by Alan Jones & Francois Theberge

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That dodgy car advert that suggests you need a car instead of designer clothes...where the lady ends up on her knees in the rain. The guy driving the car passed her isn't singing her this song. #oldschool

First meeting & playing together in Paris in the early '90s, Portland-based drummer Alan Jones knew he had found a life-long musical partner in the Montreal-born, Paris-based saxophonist, François Théberge. After multiple tours, recordings and musical discussions over the years, their decision to devote an album to all original music - with lyrics - came from one of those discussions. Noting how beautiful and intregal the human voice is to music, they wrote new compositions expressing miniature impressions, souvenirs, and feelings, while blurring the line between improvised and written moments. Rooted in jazz, they stroll seamlessly through other neighborhoods with a wide-range of accompanying master musicians, yet retain an intimate musical space for vocalists Marilyn Keller and Rebecca Kilgore to shine.


Alan Jones: drums, voice (7); François Theberge: tenor & soprano saxes, recorders, wood flute, trombone; Marilyn Keller : voice; Rebecca Kilgore: voice (9), whistle (4); Dan Tepfer: piano, Fender Rhodes; Tom Wakeling: bass; Glen Moore: bass; Ja'tik Clark: tuba; Dan Balmer: guitar; John Gross: tenor saxophone; Lars Campbell: trombone; Tim Bryson: bass clarinet; John Moak: trombone; Jon Ramm-Gramenz: trombone; Matt Warming: trombone; Ian Kerr: percussion; Erin Winemiller: cello; Mattie Kaiser; viola (Portland); Jeremy Genet: viola; Anne-Sophie Libra: cello (Paris).

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