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“Passages” by Laurent Rochelle

"Passages" by Laurent Rochelle

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Les amours invisibles (Linoleum) by Laurent Rochelle

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Très français, Depardieu pedalling on a bike, chasing after his beret in a thunderstorm, on his way to Russia. Quizzical Chamber Jazz with some nice twists and turns.

composition with bass clarinet, marimba and cello Album personnel Laurent Rochelle - composition, soprano and alto saxophones, clarinets, piano, melodica, accordion, violin, Fender Rhodes, theremin, percussion, vocals, programming Nathalie Boulanger - violin Marie-Florence Ricard - viola Julianne Trémoulet - cello Mary Magdalene Mille - cello Laurent Avizou - guitar Denis Frajerman - guitar Edit Gergely - voice Alima Hamel - voice Audrey Durand - voice Masako Ishimura - flute Laurent Paris - percussion Loic Schild - drums, marimba Cédric Marcucci - drums

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