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“Eugene” by Makross

"Eugene" by Makross

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Det är inte så lätt (It's not that easy) (Havtorn Records) by Makross

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Euguene begins with a slow winding drum intro which moves into an absorbing alto meditation, all culminates with dramatic unison of alto and tenor, it's quite spellbinding.

A track from Makross debut album Det är inte så lätt. Song written by Sebastian Nordström, the bands bass player. Their soundcloud page says Makross play modern, fearless, pretentious, languorous, vulgar, humble, redemptive, intimidating, pitiful, pathetic, unnecessary, dubious, impersonal, tasteless, bland and great jazz. The Malmö-based quartet plays music influenced by everything related to them, be it humour, beer, Coltrane, sausage, Steve Reich or life's bright and dark sides. This broad combination of influences creates music that constantly finds new directions and sound that deals with life's ups and downs. Makross released their debut album "It's not so easy" in autumn 2012. Jens Persson Alto saxophone Rasmus Nyvall Tenor saxophone Sebastian Nordström Bass Kristoffer Rostedt Trumpet

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