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“Ensaio primeiro” by Coreto

"Ensaio primeiro" by Coreto

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Aljamia (Carimbo Porta-jazz) by Coreto

Editor's Comments
It's a grower! Nice array of horns playing sympathetic 'in the tradition' swinging jazz. Let's all visit Portugal!

From ALJAMIA, released 18 June 2012. SOLO: José Carlos Barbosa, José Pedro coelho. Composed and Arranged by João Pedro Brandão João Pedro Brandão – Saxofone Alto e Flauta; José Pedro Coelho – Saxofone Tenor; Fernando Sanchez – Saxofone Tenor; Rui Teixeira – Saxofone Barítono; Ricardo Formoso – Trompete; Susana Santos Silva – Trompete; Daniel Dias – Trombone; Andreia Santos – Trombone; Alexandre Dahmen – Piano; José Carlos Barbosa – Contrabaixo; José Marrucho – Bateria.

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