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“The Crest of the Wave” by Eyot

"The Crest of the Wave" by Eyot

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Drifters (Neuklang Records) by Eyot

Editor's Comments
Following their first album Horizon, Serbian band Eyot (last years Midem Off competion winners and an AAJ favourite) bring Drifters, this is accessible good quality pop jazz, atmospheric, mobile and stirring. The pianist Dejan Ilijic has a great sound.

As drifting, Eyot describes their feeling of moving to and fro during the last four years, all their travels around the world, from East to West, from past to present, the numerous concerts in many different countries, meeting a lot of people influencing them artistically. But this drifting is a very purposeful one when it comes to this highly energetic quartet. Drifters reflects all their emotions and experiences and leaves a very clear picture of a band full of ideas, dreams and power to fulfil all this. And even though their music contains a good portion of melancholy, EYOT always finds a way to show that there is something optimistic at the end. No matter if you are on The Crest Of The Wave, riding it with mere enthusiasm, if you are At Source and you don’t know where it will all be leading to, or if there is only The View Through The Blurry Window left at the moment.

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