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“Heima” by Andres Thor

"Heima" by Andres Thor

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Monokrom (Dimma) by Andres Thor

Editor's Comments
Heima is the perfect lullaby, a sleepytime tune, perfect for chilling out and drifting away.

Andres Thor's third album as a leader sets a new tone in the guitarists repertoire. Featuring 10 originals that blend guitar, piano, dobro, wurlitzer, lap steel, pedal steel, pump organ, celeste, mellotron, double bass, drums and percussion, the result is a broad and appealing soundscape. Personel: Andres Thor - Guitar, Dobro, lap & pedal steel, Agnar Magnusson - piano, wurlitzer, pump organ, celeste & mellotron, Thorgrimur Jonsson - double bass, Scott McLemore - drums & percussion

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